Dance When the Brain Says No

This book is a poignant memoir about the life of a  young woman, Leslie Doyle, and her battle with brain cancer. The heart and soul of this story are found in Leslie's own words expressed in poetry, journal entries, and letters. We learn firsthand how she faces the terror of a disease that threatens to destroy the very essence of who she is. How Leslie, her family, and friends respond to her illness provides a revealing look into our human response to fear and the potential we have for extraordinary courage. The books is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites in print and e-book forms. 


"I wish adults would be more careful with our lives and our world. We're not old enough to control our lives completely yet, so we depend on adults to control them for us.... It's like riding in the back seat of a car because you are not old enough to drive yourself. Gradually you discover to  your horror that the adult driving knows about as much as you do. You are careening wildly around corners and barely missing the edges of cliffs."

"The discipline of the writer is to learn to be still and listen to what his subject has to tell him. ~ Rachel Carson